Founded in 1957, Hue University is a major academic hub for Central Vietnam.

Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Toan President of Hue University

Recognized as a prestigious training and research institution for all of Vietnam, and proud of its unique academic tradition, Hue University has commissioned philosophies in keeping with the challenge of the new millennium.

Hue University is partnering with mass organisations in the community to determine and to fill the professional employment needs of Central Vietnam as well as the whole country, through the following means:







  1. Colleges - Branch - Faculty

  • College of Sciences

  • College of Education

  • College of Agriculture and Forestry

  • College of Medicine and Pharmacy

  • College of Arts

  • College of Economics

  • College of Foreign Languages

  • Hue University-Quang Tri Branch

  • Faculty of Physical Education

  • Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

  2. Administrative System

  • Administrative Office

  • Department of Graduate Training

  • Department of Postgraduate Training

  • Department of Planning and Finance

  • Department of Science & Technology

  • Department of International Relations       

  • Department of Personnel

  • Department of Students' Affairs

  • Department of Material Facilities Management

  • Department of Construction Projects Management

  • Department of Educational Quality Assurance and Project Management

  • Department of  Inspection and Legislation

  3. Centers

  • Institute for Resources, Environment and Biotechnology

  • Distance Learning Center

  • Center for National Defensive Education

  • Learning Resource Center

  • Center for Pre-doctoral Training

  • Center for Information Technology

  • Center for Students Services


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