Founded in 1957, Hue University is a major academic hub for Central Vietnam.

Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Toan President of Hue University

Recognized as a prestigious training and research institution for all of Vietnam, and proud of its unique academic tradition, Hue University has commissioned philosophies in keeping with the challenge of the new millennium.

Hue University is partnering with mass organisations in the community to determine and to fill the professional employment needs of Central Vietnam as well as the whole country, through the following means:







 1, 7 Pivotal Scientific and Technological Research Orientations:


  • Developing research of technology to create and multiplicate food and industrial crop varieties suitable for Central Vietnam and the Highland.

  • Developing technology for preserving and processing Argo-Forestry Aquatic products

  • Developing treatment technology for industrial waste, urban waste, polluted water and air

  Material science

  • Creating soft piezoelectric pottery to replace ultrasonic equipment in medicine and supersonic variants with small and medium capacity

  • Creating Positor and Varistor electronic pottery, radiation measurement material and automatic material thermo parameter.

  Environmental Science

  • Projecting environment and processing environment with biological treatment in small and medium urban cities in Central Vietnam

  Information Technology

  • Developing open source operating systems and appication softwares for management, training and scientific research activities.

  Agriculture - Forestry - Fishery

  • Developing and multiplying several plant breeds which are suitable for the characteristic of the regions with high yields (industrial crops, flowers, vegetable, industrial shrimps hatching process,...)

  • Continuing with appropriate cultivating models

  Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Comprehensively studying the Culture - Society - Economy during the Nguyen Dynasties

  • Studying and developing cultural values of the country, as well as the policies to protect and promote cultural traditions and values to serve the national economy and tourism

  • Studying to innovate higher education, postgraduate and high school education to adapt to the knowledge economy

  • Constructing agricultural and rural economy structure for the process of industrialisation and modernisation, and the socio-economic development of Thua Thien Hue province and the Highland

  • Studying policies to revive and promote traditional crafts.

  Applying Biotechnology to Medicine

  • Studying to combine modern medicine with traditional medicine to cure diseases. Applying new techniques to diagnosis and treatment.

 2, Speeding Up Fundamental Research and Developing Application

Natural sciences and technology
Environmental science

Social sciences and Humanities


Argo-forestry and aquatic products
Economy and Tourism
Medicine - Pharmacy
Educational Science

 3, Expanding Cooperations In the Field of Science and Technology


 ▪ Staff training
 ▪ Mobilizing capital sources
 ▪ Building material and technological foundation
 ▪ Technology transferring



In the process of realising 59 international cooperation projects related to training, scientific research, environment and community development

  Exchanging lecturers, training human resources

Developing bilingual training programs of AUF

Number of ministry-level research

 4, Contributing to The Socio-economic Development of Central Vietnam and Central Highland

Thua Thien Hue province:

Economy- Tourism



Biological diversity

Culture - Society - Education



Health care

173 research works









Quang Binh province

6 research works

Quang Tri province 6 research works

Central - Central Highland  

55 research works

 5, Scientific Research of Students

Hue University has specific policies to encourage students to do scientific research. This activity is one of the most important means to upgrade training quality in the colleges. By doing scientific research, students approach new knowledge and new methods to solve problems of daily life. Also, students can apply their learning to a certain issue. This process helps students consolidate their knowledge, enhance their ability and experience to serve their study at colleges and their work in the future. From the angle of reforming teaching and studying style, attracting students to participate in scientific research is a decisive step.

The scientific research movement among students of Hue University is developing in both quality and quantity. Scientific conferences for students and young teaching staff are regularly organised. Hue University's students also obtained several important prizes like "Students with Scientific Research", "VIFOTEC" and other prizes in other national contests, such as: Mathematics Olympiad, Physics Olympiad and Informatics Olympiad. Most of the students that gained such prizes has found good environment to develop themselves in the society. Some of them became young lecturers of the affiliated colleges of Hue University. With this new environment, they have more chances to continue their research and to follow their teachers' footstep to become real scientists.

Hue University, together with its affiliated colleges, have already had right policies to create favorable mental and material conditions for students to familiarize with scientific research. In addition to a very limited research grant of the Ministry of Education and Training, each college has to take from its own budget a large sum of money to support students in developing their works, as well as to manage this activity and make it a regular and effective one.

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